Who We Are

As a core value in our Mission Statement, CNG seeks to motivate students to achieve their fullest potential for excellence. In this regard, we strongly believe that comprehensive, broadly inclusive education signifies the proverbial tide that lifts all boats.

By providing high-quality learning programs to all types of learners, CNG educators incorporate research and best practices focused on the importance of providing differentiated instruction and more personalized learning opportunities for each student.

As a result, CNG recognizes that “special education services” apply equally to gifted and talented students as well as children struggling with their learning. Just as labelling students with learning challenges falls far short of recognizing their true potential for growth, in a similar fashion, labelling any international school as “inclusive” has the tendency to focus only on services for those with learning challenges. Actually, true inclusion education promotes programs that address individual learning needs and help all students to grow as learners. As a result, the following five outcomes serve as the leveraging point for leaders ready to promote inclusive education:

Comprehensive Education at CNG: The Tide That Lifts All Boats

  • Better trained teachers in differentiation serve to benefit all students across the entire learning continuum from the gifted learner to the struggling student.
  • Universal screening and early identification help provide timely interventions and Tier-1 interventions that help all students improve through progress monitoring. Universal screening and early identification help provide timely interventions and enrichment that can be adjusted based on continued progress monitoring of student growth.
  • Increased performance standards often result as more individualized programs help provide the greatest benefit to students in targeting their full growth potential.
  • Schools develop a stronger sense of community as all types of learners are valued for their unique abilities and contributions to the school. 

As a top international school, CNG remains committed to our ethical responsibility in serving all children and keeping families together among our local and international populations.

Students in school hall

If schools actually focus on the key drivers for competitiveness and long-term success, then inclusive education simply reflects a far better educational model for improved instruction, better student performance, and more robust school achievement. Therefore, given the strong commitment over the years at CNG to provide programs that support the needs of the broadest continuum of learners, all boats get lifted in that positive tide, and the entire school community benefits.

Whether your children are highly gifted academically, strong college-bound students, or need additional supports to succeed, CNG has the programs and serves to help take them to their highest level of personal excellence.