Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy


CNG Bogota vision



CNG Bogota mission statement



We believe in creating an educational environment in which:

• Every student is challenged to achieve his or her greatest potential in a system that promotes high academic performance. 

• Individual talents and interests are shared and developed through a broad offering of academic, artistic, and athletic programs. 

• Comprehensive programs for exceptional learners offer tailored services to students with special needs as well as to those identified as gifted and talented, including services provided through certified specialists along with further accommodations from classroom teachers. 

• Students are happy and they experience the joy of learning. 

• Diversity of nationality, race, religion, and ability is valued and utilized to enhance the educational experience. 

• A balance of local and international faculty emphasizes an awareness, appreciation and integration of North American and Colombian cultures.

• Universal moral values such as respect, responsibility, integrity, and caring, are taught through direct instruction, modeling, and experience.

• While the school is not affiliated with any specific religion, it honors the religious orientation of its families and encourages participation of students in their respective religions. 

• Teachers, administrators, parents, and students work together in their respective roles to create a caring and open community based on mutual respect and common goals.

• Students learn to be good citizens, serve others and respect the environment through personal involvement and experience.