CNG at a Glance

Take a look at what CNG has to offer you and your child:

In our latest accreditation visit, CNG achieved the highest “Index of Education Quality” in Latin America as rated by AdvancED/Cognia, the world’s largest accrediting agency.CNG has won the ACCAS Binationals Sports Championship for 7 consecutive years, including four years where our student-athletes also earned the Sportsmanship Cup in tournaments.
CNG had over 4,000 teacher applications for 25 openings this past school year with collective experience in 75 different countries and over 80% entering CNG with advanced degrees.Graduating classes at CNG typically complete over 15,000 hours of community service throughout their High School years with service to over 45 different charitable organizations.
In the past 5 years, 103 graduates have been accepted into Ivy League and Ivy-Plus schools with CNG acceptance rates 4 times greater than the national average.In the past 5 years, eight CNG students have obtained perfect scores on the Math SAT Subject Tests.
CNG's Learning Center is considered the top student support program among all international schools worldwide.CNG graduates have received over USD $16.6 million in scholarships and grants at U.S. and Colombian universities over the past 4 years.
CNG provides one of the most comprehensive Gifted-and-Talented Programs among international schools, which serves approximately 15% of the student population whose testing performance meets or exceeds the 95th percentile.CNG has the highest number of international teachers across all schools in Colombia.
CNG graduates have a 33% acceptance rate into the Top 60 colleges and universities in the United States, almost double the overall national average.CNG has more than 1,500 computer devices and 160 educational applications dedicated to student learning.
Over the past three years, CNG has invested more than USD $3.0 million in technology for learning and innovation.During the past 4 years, CNG students have been accepted into 269 universities in 13 countries spread out over 4 different continents.
CNG uses the MIT Design Lab and Stanford school models for collaborative learning projects that students create in CNG´s innovative MakerSpaces.For the past 3 years, 67% of our student body holds an international passport with students from almost 50 different countries enrolled.
CNG offers 25 Advanced Placement courses that provide college credit in over 600 colleges and universities around the world.CNG has an average of 5 students reaching the final round of the Colombian National Math and Physics Olympics each year.
On an annual basis, high school students take over 800 AP exams, and 50 or more are honored on average with the prestigious AP Scholar Award for their outstanding exam results."The "Building CNG's Future" Campaign includes 7 new building projects designed to transform educational spaces as well as promote creative learning innovations across the school.

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